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Using Wireless Mouse | Top Wireless Mouse

  • Compared to a wired mouse, a wireless mouse is much simpler to transport to various work locations.
  • A trackpad can be slower and more difficult to use than a wireless mouse, but wireless mice are more convenient because they don't take up desk space with cords.
  • Top Wireless Mouse gives a reliable, lag-free connection thanks to new and better versions of the technologies that mouse manufacturers use to connect devices over the air. 

A Wireless Mouse connects to the computer. Because most tablets come with Bluetooth built-in, Bluetooth mice are frequently used with tablets. Additionally, they can be utilized with a computer that already has Bluetooth built-in or with an adaptor. Other radio frequency (RF) wireless mice have their transceiver that connects to the computer's USB port. Compared to a wired mouse. Also, wireless dongle, optical mouse, and ISM band.

A wireless mouse is a piece of hardware input equipment used to interact with a computer system. Historically, mice (or mice; either pluralization is acceptable) needed cords, but the wireless option became more common in the early 2000s when they started using radio frequency and Bluetooth technology.

The trackball-like pointing device that the Allies used in radar and tracking systems during World War II gave origin to the contemporary mouse. The commercialized version was developed decades later, and it became a common home item during the slow growth of the personal computer. A wireless version became increasingly marketable as the traditional version gained popularity, much like practically other prevalent technology products.

Wireless Mouse History

Around the year 2000, well-known tech companies like Apple and Logitech started producing wireless mice that used radio frequency and Bluetooth, the latter of which needed a USB receiver. Since then, wireless mice have become the norm in many different personal computer settings, bringing with them the ease of cordless operation and the improved ergonomic advantage of not being attached to the primary computing device.

Having a cable tied to your mouse can be problematic if you have a messy desk or prefer to use your mouse while moving about. In the past, wireless mice often had short battery lives and didn't operate nearly as well as tethered mice. Today's wireless mice function fairly similarly to their wired counterparts and depending on how you use your mouse, some of them can last for months without requiring a recharge.

Even professional gamers are starting to rely more on Wi-Fi solutions, even when competing. A solid wireless mouse may help you engage more naturally and freely with your computer, whether you're searching for a browsing choice for everyday use, something to throw into your bag when you travel, or a reliable ally to help you reach the top of the leaderboards.

Top Wireless Mouse

The MX Master 3S, the most recent model in Logitech's incredibly popular MX Master line, features an ergonomic right-handed form, a thumb rest with an integrated gesture button, and it is available in three colors to match your setup. Using Bluetooth or the included USB receiver, this mouse may pair with up to three devices at once. Furthermore, it has an impressive battery life of up to 70 days.

Scroll Wheels

Two dedicated scroll wheels are one of this mouse's standout features. The scroll wheel on top includes a notched scrolling mode that automatically engages for scrolling through content more quickly, while the side-mounted wheel controls horizontal scrolling. 

Enhanced Sensor 

With this most recent version, Logitech has enhanced the sensor with a larger CPI range and quieter click buttons, which are especially helpful if you use a 4K monitor. The newest BOLT Receiver from Logitech is used in place of the more dated Unifying Receiver.


This receiver, according to Logitech, has enhanced security mechanisms and offers greater performance in crowded wireless environments. You might still need to plug in both receivers if you're also using an older Logitech keyboard, for example, as this new receiver is backward compatible with some Logitech products but not all of them.

The Logitech MX Master 2S is a great option like any other MX Master series model, but we've chosen it since it's less expensive if you don't require all the most recent capabilities offered by the MX Master 3 or MX Master 3S.

This mouse has a slightly different appearance from those mice, and it has a different arrangement with fewer protruding side buttons and a side-mounted scroll. Additionally, it has louder clicks in comparison to recent models, a sensor that doesn't operate quite as well, and a micro-USB charging cable from the past. 


The rock-solid build quality, traditional ergonomic design, dual scroll wheels, and multi-device connection with up to three devices at once are just a few of the fundamental characteristics that have helped make these mice so popular. Its thumb rest contains a button to activate gesture controls, just as in newer models, and its main scroll wheel offers both a notched and free-scrolling mode. 


The battery life is still excellent, lasting up to 70 days between charges. Overall, it's a fantastic choice if you're looking for a more reasonable entry point into this well-liked portfolio to find out what all the fuss is about.

Budget-friendly Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M720 Triathlon is a standout option for any professional on a tight budget because it quietly offers many of the same capabilities at a much more reasonable price point as more expensive models in Logitech's productivity-focused MX series. It is ideally suited for all hand sizes and the majority of grip styles because of its ergonomic, right-handed form. Similar to the MX Master line of mice, you may wirelessly associate up to three devices with this mouse at once by 

connecting it to a USB receiver or Bluetooth device.

You may choose between a slower, controlled notched scrolling mode and a much faster free-scrolling mode on its scroll wheel, which has left and right inputs for horizontal scrolling. It has a gesture button built into the thumb rest in addition to three side buttons. 

A single AA battery from Logitech is claimed to last up to 24 months, and the device's associated software provides a good selection of customization options, including button remapping and unique profile settings. Additionally, there is a compartment where the USB receiver can be kept while not in use.

Why Wireless Mouse is Easy to Use?

A trackpad can be slower and more difficult to use than a wireless mouse, but wireless mice are more convenient because they don't take up desk space with cords. They are also sufficiently dependable and affordable for most people to be preferable to a cheap wired mouse. The Logitech M720 Triathlon is more comfortable for a range of hand sizes and grip styles than nearly every other wireless mouse we've investigated, according to years of research and testing on mice with numerous panels of testers.

Advanced Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice have advanced significantly in recent years. Thanks to new and improved versions of the technology that mouse makers use to connect devices over the air, a dependable, almost lag-free connection is now the norm for high-quality wireless equipment.

Similarly, the incidence of charging-related issues has decreased thanks to stronger batteries and more efficient technology. Although the bar for creating a working wireless mouse is higher than for a wireless keyboard, where it's easier to overlook a little input lag, many companies presently provide products that feel identical to their cable-bound counterparts.

Best Wireless Mouse

The Logitech MX Master 3 is now our top pick for the best wireless mouse for the majority of users. It has a long battery life, is wonderfully comfy, and is highly configurable. Even more distinctive than any other mouse, it has a scroll wheel.

Cheap Wireless Mouse

We advise the Logitech M325, which is about as straightforward a wireless mouse as they come if money is limited. These $30 accessories are a perfect match for laptops and are a little peripheral. It may fit in any pocket or bag, including backpacks. Its batteries also have a lifespan of over a year, so you hardly ever need to change them.

Wireless Mouse for Gamers

The wireless version of Logitech's outstanding G502 gaming mouse is the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, which we highly recommend for gamers. With configurable weights and the same capabilities as its wired cousin, the Lightspeed offers the added benefit of not having to worry about cables because of a nearly unbreakable wireless connection.