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Using Gaming Keyboards | Razer Huntsman Mini - Think24 Gaming & Gadgets Qatar

Using Gaming Keyboards | Razer Huntsman Mini

Using Gaming Keyboards | Razer Huntsman Mini

  • Razer Huntsman Mini helps provide gamers some grip thanks to four rubber pads on the bottom, and it never slides around.
  • The best keyboard should have the right size, shortcut set up, and key switches to make every key press joyful.
  • If you're looking for a way to improve your performance while playing the newest video games, think about using a gaming keyboard.


A good keyboard may elevate your PC experience, much like a musician's well-tuned instrument, from ordinary to sublime. Your basic word processing and internet demands may surely be met by any keyboard, but as you start doing more, you realize you need more. More than just a collection of plastic buttons makeup a keyboard. The best keyboard should have the right size, shortcut set up, and key switches to make every key press joyful.

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are crucial since your reflexes in online games rely heavily on the keys. You must decide on the keyboard's size, connectivity, connectivity type, key type, and layout. Although they often have slower latencies, wired keyboards are more stationary.

Importance of Gaming Keyboards

Because you need to know if the keyboard will last the test of time, the materials utilized in its overall construction are crucial. Before having to go out and get a new keyboard, they ought to last for many years. The frames made of metal, aluminum, and occasionally steel will survive the longest. There are several keyboards with plastic frames that will last a lifetime and feel excellent, so this isn't to argue that plastics aren't robust enough.

Razer Huntsman Mini

The best gaming keyboard from Razer, the Huntsman Mini, has a small form factor. It has per-key RGB backlighting, great build quality, and macro-programmable keycaps. We found the Clicky Optical switches to be incredibly sensitive and tactilely satisfying, making for a great typing experience. Most adjustments may be made on the keyboard itself, while media controls, function keys, and navigation keys can still be accessed by using auxiliary functions. Despite having a tonne of features, Razer's Synapse 3 software is only compatible with Windows.

Small is the point with the Razer Huntsman Mini. This little keyboard has 61 keys overall, which is 60% of a standard layout. The number pad won't be missed by many people, but the arrow keys are another story. Additionally, there are no media keys and no space for a row of function keys at the top. Being a compact metal keyboard, it is portable and will fit on even the smallest desktops.


The USB-C braided cable fits neatly into a port on the upper left, while the other end connects to your computer via USB-A. If mobility is your primary concern, you'll be happy to know that the cable is detachable because it makes packing up much simpler. The cable is just over 6 feet long and seems sturdy.


Due to its diminutive size, the Huntsman Mini only has a small Razer emblem on the front edge and the words For Gamers stamped on the underside for branding. It helps provide some grip thanks to four rubber pads on the bottom, and it never slides around. You can choose your desired angle thanks to the fold-out feet with rubber pads that are located at the back. No wrist rest is present.

It has a simple design and is inactive until you connect it. Those sturdy PBT keycaps let the lighting shine through, and I enjoy how small the lettering is. Holding down the FN key activates the second function that is often written on the front of keys. There are two color options for the Huntsman Mini: black or white. Although the Razer Huntsman Mini is an excellent gaming keyboard, there are other keyboards in this price range that come with a lot more functionality, assuming you're bent on wanting a small keyboard.