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PC Express, offers, Prices | How it is Helpful

PC Express, offers, Prices | How it is Helpful

  • Using PC Express at Superstore is useful because it saves me time and effort without adding a lot of extra work.
  • PC Express lets you shop for your favorite brands beyond the store with its growing assortment of online essentials.
  • Customers making purchases from PC Express also earn PC Optimum rewards points.

PC Express is an online grocery delivery service available in a few Canadian Loblaw supermarkets. Online grocery orders are either delivered directly to your house or brought out to your car in the parking area of the store. Overall, Using PC Express at Superstore is useful because it saves me time and effort without adding a lot of extra work.

What does PC Express Offer?

Grocery delivery service PC Express is provided by Loblaw banner stores in Canada, like Superstore. A personal shopper "picks" the orders that customers place online through their PC Express accounts. After that, customers have the option of picking up their order from the store or having it delivered to their houses. The updated version of Loblaws Click and Collect is PC Express Pickup. Although there is a cost, you can frequently receive a small rebate through various PC Optimum point programs.

How Do You Use PC Express?

  • Purchase groceries from your preferred participating shop online.
  • Select a delivery or pickup window.
  • Watch for a personal shopper to complete your order.
  • Pick up your groceries at the time allotted.

Benefits of PC Express

Every time you sign in to shop online, you receive PC Optimum points. It's convenient to not have to remember your card or have your phone pull it up for the scanner. A helpful list of the items you typically buy and a few items you occasionally buy is available after you sign in online. No more overlooking new mothers. You may pick up your groceries without having to find a parking space. For pickup, PC Express has its own, exclusive, enormous parking spaces. Naturally, delivery requires no parking, so that's handy as well.

Moreover, if you prefer, the store can charge your credit card on file for the groceries. One fewer step to be concerned about. Being able to see your digital shopping cart and subtotal as you shop makes it simpler to stay within your spending limit. You don't need to wait for the cashier to finish ringing up everything before you can see how much money you're spending.

PC Express Delivery

Compared to grocery pickup, PC Express delivery is a little pricier. A service charge of 7.5% of your order's total applies (before taxes). Therefore, a $7.50 service charge would be applied to $100 worth of groceries. Additionally, there is a delivery charge that varies based on the size of your order and the delivery window you select. Delivery costs can be as low as $4 for a big order with some lead time and as high as $10 for a small order with one-hour delivery.

App for PC Express

The PC Express App is decent in quality. It's not all that different from using the desktop website after you're signed in. Give the app a try instead of a mobile browser if you're placing an order on your phone.