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Gaming Monitors | Widescreen Monitors - Think24 Gaming & Gadgets Qatar

Gaming Monitors | Widescreen Monitors

Gaming Monitors | Widescreen Monitors

  • The majority of widescreen monitors display their material using the just-adopted 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Widescreen display organizes the windows on your screen to make everything you need immediately visible.
  • Widescreen computer monitors make it possible to execute things that would be impossible on a standard screen.


Early personal computers had monitors that mirrored the typical 4:3 aspect ratio of a television. The ratio between the display's width and height is referred to as the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of modern monitors with higher resolution started to shift to 16:9 with the rise of high-definition (HD) content.

Characteristics of Gaming Monitors

This indicates that, as opposed to the typical, boxy display, the width-to-height ratio took on a longer, more rectangular structure. An immersive experience with improved picture quality is provided by the extended widescreen monitor. The majority of widescreen monitors display their material using the just-adopted 16:9 aspect ratio. All of the YouTube® channels, movies, and video games you watch or play will be in HD unless the content you're watching was made in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Aspect ratio and resolution should not be confused when choosing a widescreen display. The number of pixels that may be displayed on the monitor is referred to as its resolution, and it has a significant impact on the quality of the images.

Widescreen Monitors

Most likely, you've heard about 4K TVs, which have a sharp, accurate definition of every detail. Widescreen PC monitors can support 4K resolution as well, although they can also support 720p, 1080p, or 2K. Your aspect ratio will always be 16:9, however, each display panel's resolution varies. When choosing a monitor, keep in mind that just because it's widescreen doesn't automatically make it capable of supporting HD, Full HD (FHD), or Ultra HD (UHD) video.

Larger Workspace

The larger workspace of a widescreen monitor can be very useful for creative professionals like architects, graphic designers, animators, video editors, and photo editors.

Imagine the possibility of having numerous streams of the information displayed at once if you specialize in spreadsheets and data sets. Students who are thinking about using a computer in college may appreciate being able to easily switch between reading and writing by having their reference materials open next to their research papers.

Workflow Speedup Using Ultra-Wide Monitors

By providing a larger screen ratio to view whatever needs to be evaluated, including movies, files, papers, web pages, and applications, an ultra-wide monitor aids in increasing productivity. By simply seeing content from various applications side by side rather than always flipping between them, you can enhance workflow.

What Advantages Do Ultra-Wide Monitors Offer?

Both creative artists and business users can profit from ultra-wide monitors in a variety of ways. Because they provide the same horizontal width as a dual monitor setup, ultra-wide monitors are becoming more and more popular. These were initially developed as a result of the growing popularity of dual monitor setups. A solitary device that offers a comparable experience is an ultra-wide display.


The capacity to open numerous photos, documents, web pages, or applications simultaneously is a remarkable productivity booster. The ability to see many different applications makes multitasking simple.

Wide-ranging Views

The central bezel of a dual monitor layout would obstruct the wide view provided by ultra-wide displays. Users may nearly see every inch of a curved display with an ultra-wide format from the same distance.

Effective Workplaces

Users have enough digital workspace thanks to ultra-wide monitors. These enable them to free up desktop space for other uses.

Multitasking on Ultra-Wide Monitors

The software in ultra-wide monitors divides the screen into several planes, making it possible to switch between tasks without switching between displays or opening new windows. Many ultra-wide monitors come with a type of split screen software that enables users to split their screen into many panes that can be utilized simultaneously. These monitors come in helpful for folks who need to work on numerous sheets simultaneously and who also want their email and web browser open at the same time.