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Gaming Keyboard: Mechanical Keyboard & Magic Keyboard - Think24 Gaming & Gadgets Qatar

Gaming Keyboard: Mechanical Keyboard & Magic Keyboard

  • Mechanical Keyboards provide you alternatives that non-mechanical keyboards do not: you may find yourself relating to one or all of these reasons.
  • A mechanical keyboard enables the user to type more quickly and precisely than a standard membrane keyboard.
  • When used properly, a good gaming keyboard can be the difference between winning and losing your favorite game.
  • Magic Keyboards offer a significantly improved typing experience, superior build quality, and are lighter.

Most mechanical gaming keyboards have key switches that require less depression and produce faster action for games. Additionally, additional keys that can be programmed for macros may exist (commonly used key sequences). In contrast to a mechanical keyboard, which can be recognized by its use of mechanical switches, a gaming keyboard lacks a clear description.

Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard often has mechanical keys that are full-size, evenly spaced, and comfortable to use for extended periods. Additionally, the shape of the keyboard is typically designed to properly suit your hands, allowing you to use it for longer periods without harming your hands and wrists.

Mechanical Keys 

Instead of the common membrane keyboards, the majority of gaming keyboards have mechanical keys. Compared to other keyboard varieties, the keys on these keyboards are easier to press and frequently don't require as much force. This implies that compared to other keyboards, you can type significantly more quickly on it. When compared to the other keyboard, moving your character while playing a game will be considerably easier. You won't get tired while playing because it's simpler, and you'll be able to execute all of your actions much more quickly. When milliseconds count in video games, using a mechanical keyboard makes it simple to earn a few.

Macros Simplify Your Life

Macros are without a doubt the biggest benefit of gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards frequently have one or more rows of keys that you can program to do virtually any action in your preferred game. Additionally, if you play different games, you can frequently set up multiple profiles. This enables these keys to function differently depending on the game you're playing.

You may automate some of the most crucial and occasionally tiresome tasks you must complete in your game by making customized macros. Not only will completing these chores make the game easier for you, but they might also offer you the slight advantage you need while facing the hardest bosses or other players.

Improved Control with Custom Control Pads

There are several gaming keyboards available that have specialized control pads on the left side of the keyboard, though this is not true of every keyboard marketed for gamers. These controls incorporate a bespoke control pad that imitates the WASD keys and the keys around them. You can control your characters in the game much more conveniently thanks to these unique keys. Better control typically results in quicker reaction times when playing. That implies that whether you are playing your favorite PC game solo or against the AI, you will be quicker to draw.

All-Types-of-Light Gaming Backlights

Let's just get this out of the way right away: RGB FTW for backlights! Backlights on keyboards, particularly those used for gaming, frequently come in a variety of colors that you may mix and match. Simply put, they look cool, which adds to the fun of gaming.

You can allow yourself to get lost in the game if you dim the lights, but you still need to be able to see what you are doing, which is where the backlight comes in. A backlight, regardless of color, will make it easier for you to see what you're doing in low light so you can play your games in any environment.

What is the Purpose of a Mechanical Keyboard?

The main uses of a mechanical keyboard are typing, gaming, and programming, though they can also be used for other tasks including music production and graphic design.

Why are Mechanical Keyboards so Popular?

Mechanical keyboards are utilized for a variety of purposes. Some people use them to speed up their typing and gaming. They help certain heavy typists keep from pressing the wrong key accidentally. Some folks simply adore how they look and sound. These are only a few of them. Below are a few of the numerous others: 

  • To add some nostalgia
  • To add some fun and functionality to an uninteresting workspace.
  • For personal expression.


  • To type in dim lighting.


  •  For being a part of a lively and enjoyable neighborhood.

Working on Mechanical Keyboard

For a game, browser, or another program to recognize that a key has been pushed, mechanical keyboards communicate this information to your computer. The keycap is the plastic piece that you push down with your finger to indicate a number or letter, such as "G," at the beginning of this ostensibly straightforward operation.


The switch, a plastic mechanical mechanism, a metal spring, and metal electrical connectors are all supported by the keycap. By depressing the keycap, you are also depressing the switch. The electrical contacts inside the switch come into contact when it is depressed, forming an electrical circuit.

The switch is perched on a circuit board, which functions as the keyboard's nervous system; much like the keycap is perched on the switch. Every keycap has its circuit on the circuit board. The circuit formed between the electrical connectors on the switch and the circuit board when they come into contact signals to your computer that a circuit has been finished. You will see whatever circuit you selected on the screen.

Superior Typing & Gaming Performance

Because you don't have to "bottom out" or press down, mechanical keyboards are far more comfortable to type on than standard keyboards. Your joints and fingers are subjected to unneeded tension when you bottom out. With mechanical keyboards, you can type more quickly and easily because a key often only needs to be pressed halfway to send a signal to your computer.

Fast-activating switches, which enable you to finish keystrokes more rapidly and with less effort, can be used for even more speed. Additionally, there are programmable keyboards that let you design shortcuts, add additional layers, and even completely do away with the QWERTY keyboard layout. You can save time and effort by doing all of these things, which will speed up your workflow and gaming setup.

Mechanical Keyboard Customization

The switches, keycaps, and removable cable, if the keyboard has one, are the parts that can be changed the most obviously. Some boards can be found in a wide range of colors and layouts and have several frames or body alternatives.

Difference between Mechanical & Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical switches, rubber membranes, scissor switches, and optical switches are all possible in a gaming keyboard. Any keyboard even a truly subpar one can be used to play video games. As a result, any keyboard might theoretically be referred to as a gaming keyboard. Unfortunately, some businesses will add the word "gaming" in front of a truly subpar keyboard merely to boost sales. Because of this, choosing a mechanical gaming keyboard or optical gaming keyboard over a simple gaming keyboard is preferable.

A mechanical gaming keyboard will resemble a standard mechanical keyboard that is designed for programming or typing in many ways, but it might also differ. These variations, which range from model to model, can include switch type, layout, programmability, and more.

While many of the functions manufacturers include in gaming keyboards don't help with gaming, some of them do. Marketers are aware of how lucrative the gaming industry is. Before making a purchase, do plenty of research and read reviews.

Magic Keyboards

Magic keyboards offer a fantastic typing experience as well as portable, reliable protection for your tablet. They also magnetically attach to the iPad, eliminating the need for cords, switches, and pairing. The floating design, backlit keys, and integrated trackpad of the Magic Keyboard make it even more useful. The floating cantilever design of the Magic Keyboard enables you to connect it magnetically and easily adjust it to the ideal viewing position for you.

Easy typing

For silent, responsive typing, there are backlit keys and a scissor mechanism with 1 mm of travel.

Internal Trackpad

Designed with the iPad OS's cursor and Multi-Touch motions in mind

Floating Design

The ideal viewing angle is delivered through easy angle adjustment.


It provides front and back protection when folded into a case for transportation.

How Important Is a Gaming Keyboard?

A good gaming keyboard can give you a slight advantage over other gamers; however, it will never be as crucial as the specifications of your gaming machine. Your gaming experience will at the very least become a lot more enjoyable. Consider using a gaming keyboard if you're seeking any way to enhance your performance while playing the newest video games. In the very competitive world of computer games, I think it most definitely may spell the difference between success and failure.

Additionally, it is easier than ever to get your hands on a keyboard that boasts what one might consider gaming characteristics and more at a reasonable price because there is no shortage of what one may refer to as a gaming keyboard these days. Finally, as peripherals are frequently a matter of personal preference, get what is most important to you in terms of comfort and game preferences.