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Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 ARGB, DarkMirror Front Panel – 370 QAR - Think24 Gaming & Gadgets Qatar

Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 ARGB, DarkMirror Front Panel – 370 QAR

Cooler Master is famous for its PC cases, power supplies, and CPU coolers, but it makes peripherals as well. Cooler Master ensures ease and convenience as well as software that offer high utility without the bloat. The MasterBox offers a lot of vents for intake and exhaust. Good airflow inside the masterBox will help the PC achieve its peak performance. The MasterBox MB520 focuses on aesthetics with a fully transparent front panel. The ventilation of on the front panel of DarkMirror cools the system whereas the ventilation on the top panel offers additional thermal support. It is paired with a tempered glass side panel and additional top ventilation, to make your build look, and play, exactly as you dreamed it would.
The Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 Intakes ARGB lighting system and tempered glass side panel. It gives a look through the Dark Mirror that enhances the difference from equipment lighting, and make a beautiful showcase of the inside parts. For the cool gaming frameworks working inside, network ventilation is found in in MB520 on the whole length of the front board's sides. It guarantees that the three included ARGB fans are taken care of with a lot of air. The Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 ARGB upholds up to seven fans as well as front and back fluid cooling for appeal fabricates. It is matched with a safety glass side board and extra top ventilation.

Key Features:

  • Dark-Mirror Front Panel 
  • Mesh Intakes 
  • ARGB Lighting System 
  • Tempered Glass Side Panel 

The Cooler Master Masterbox MB520 with its windowed side panel, tempered glass, and a unique front panel design is trying to stand out from the crowd. It has also got the room for a decent amount of hardware. Overall, the Cooler Master Masterbox MB520 RGB has a lot of potential to provide you with a good amount of cooling.

Main features:

  • DarkMirror Front Panel
  • Aggressive intakes
  • Edge-to-Edge tempered side panel
  • Graphics card supported
  • Storage trays & full-length PSU Shroud
  • Different trim colours available
  • Mesh intakes
  • ARGB lighting system

DarkMirror Front Panel
Cooler Master’s shade light through the Dark Mirror front panel for a sharper contrast of the ARGB fans. The MB520 DarkMirror front panel feature enriches the contrast from hardware lighting, creating an attractive display of the internal components. Mesh ventilation ensures that the included ARGB fans are fed with a considerable amount of air.
Mesh Intakes
The considerable airflow to the system is provided by large mesh intakes on each side of the front panel. 
ARGB Lighting System
Cooler Master’s three pre-installed ARGB fans are managed by either the motherboard or an included controller that is connected by the included splitter to create a comprehensive ARGB lighting system.
Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Side Panel
The MasterBox’s hardware, cooling components, and the pure pride of the builder is shown in panoramic view through a tempered glass side panel. 
Versatile Cooling Options
The Cooler Master’s support for up to seven 120mm fans and dual 360mm radiators on the top and front panel ensure that even the most extreme systems remain cool.
ARGB Controller
The ARGB Controller is a mini-sized controller that allows your RGB to be powered and controlled even in PC systems without an A-RGB capable motherboard.​ This small controller comes with 14 lighting effects to make full use of the addressable LEDs in the system. They also allow to be completely switched off by long pressing its button.​ For an easy use, Cooler Master allows the reset button to optionally connect to the ARGB controller.
Cooler Master MasterCase Mesh White ATX Mid-Tower Case – 725 QAR

  • Master case H500P
  • Mesh White ARGB design
  • Dual ARGB 200mm fans 
  • ARGB lighting feature
  • Tempered glass side panel 

The Cooler Master MasterBox has two pre-installed 200mm ARGB fans. It is company’s premium flagship model. It preserves all of the award-winning advantages of airflow performance, trademark aesthetics and component versatility. It improves the customization potential of ARGB fans out of the box. Cooler Master’s iconic RGB fans are the core of the H design and function. They are capable of operating quietly while moving high volumes of air due to their size. The two layers of mesh give the entire front panel maximum airflow. Additionally, a finer layer filters out dust while the steel mesh reinforces its structure. It has transparent panels and a tempered glass side panel that flaunts the hardware and fans, while the cable covers, PSU shroud, and cable management space hide the clutter. 
ARGB fans are managed by either the motherboard or an included controller that is connected by the included splitter. It creates a comprehensive ARGB lighting system. An edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel shows gaming hardware, custom-loop cooling, and the pure pride of the builder. ​The small ARGB Controller is small controller that allows your RGB to be powered and controlled without an A-RGB capable motherboard.​ The controller comes with 14 lighting effects to make full use of the LEDs in and allows to be completely switched off by long pressing its button.​
Cooler Master MasterBox NR200 Mini-ITX Case – 285 QAR
It features small size, urestricted cooling potential tripple-slot GPU support, easy tool free access 360 degree accessibility, multiple motherboard support options, and custom cooling support high quality materials. The MasterBox NR200 has all the features found in a core performance. It efficiently utilizes them in a space less than half the volume. Every feature of this masterbox is thoughtfully laid out in the 18-liter case to maximize component compatibility, ease of use, and thermal efficiency. Multiple fan mounts and open ventilation bring airflow where it is needed. Its generous water-cooling and air-cooling clearances allow the fitment of coolers that can take advantage of all the airflow. An ample clearance for long, triple-slot graphics cards means no sacrifices are needed in GPU power to take advantage of small form factor sizing.

Main Features:

  • Restricted Cooling Potential
  • Triple-slot GPU support
  • Easy, Tool-free access
  • 360 Degree Accessibility
  • Multiple motherboard support options
  • Out-of-the-box Custom Cooling Support
  • High quality materials

The NR200 can store up to seven fans in total for every cooling configuration imaginable. For restricted airflow, five panels are flanked with ventilation. Its structure can efficiently house radiators up to 280mm in length and CPU coolers up to 155mm in height. Even the hottest running hardware cannot be held back! The rear ventilation contains PCI slots that are used for vertical GPU mounting to better showcase the graphics card (PCI riser cable sold separately). For an easy removal, all the external panels and top mounted fans are secured with pins, enabling quick access to the internals without the use of tools. Screws are used to secure the frame parts for advanced multiple angles to easily work inside. The dual liquid cooling pump locations allow powerful custom water-cooled builds inside a compact enclosure. Furthermore, It is compatible with Mini-ITX and Mini DTX and can be front mounted for extra motherboard clearance with a maximum size of 244 x 226 mm. Newly optimized blade design with updated curve provides best balance between airflow and static pressure in order to take that heat away while remaining extremely silent.
Final Thoughts:
The Cooler Master Masterbox MB520 comes with a lot of amazing features that made the framework more fun and exciting to use. Another thing to appreciate is the hardware installation that is simple and cable management is extremely easy. In fact, it enables us to complete a task in just a few minutes which is great, especially for PC builder newbies. Additionally, the case has a lot of areas where wires can be hidden and tied, to keep the interior of the case neat. Since all the storage is located at the back of the PSU isolation shroud, the messy cables are not visible from the motherboard’s side. Altogether, the Cooler Master Masterbox MB520 RGB is worth the price and we definitely recommend it.