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Apple iTunes Card vs. Apple Gift Cards | Uses & Benefits - Think24 Gaming & Gadgets Qatar

Apple iTunes Card vs. Apple Gift Cards | Uses & Benefits

What can You do with iTunes Gift Card?

Alternatively, you can use your iOS smartphone to click the "share" button at the display's top. The easiest way to credit your US iTunes Store account is by far with an iTunes Gift Card. Once you redeem an Apple Store gift card, your new balance is displayed in your US iTunes Store account. When you buy material, iTunes deducts money from your credit until it is gone.

Apple Gift Cards are accepted at an Apple Store for the purchase of merchandise and accessories. In the countries and regions where Apple Gift Cards are sold, you can use your remaining Apple Account balance to make purchases at or via the Apple Store app. The remaining balance of any redeemed Apple Gift Cards, App Store Gift Cards, and iTunes Gift Cards makes up your Apple Account balance in these countries and regions.

  • Purchase games, applications, or in-app items from the App Store.
  • Purchase media via the iTunes Store, Apple TV app, or Apple Books, among other things.
  • Spend money on subscriptions for Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade. or purchase app subscriptions from the App Store.

It is quite easy to misunderstand or mistake one thing for another in this digital age since there are so many digital goods that are identical to one another. Through the many digital goods, technology, and gadgets offered on the Apple Store and iTunes Store, Apple users gain a lot of advantages. One must have an iTunes Card or an Apple Store Card with a sufficient balance to access or make purchases from either the Apple Store or the iTunes Store.

Although many people mistakenly believe that Apple Store Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards are the same because they are both storefronts on Apple devices, they are not the same. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the distinctions between Apple Cards and iTunes Gift Cards. It's critical to understand what an Apple Card and an iTunes Gift Card are before comparing the two.

App store Gift Card

What is an Apple Card?

Credit is obtained on Apple Cards, which can be used to buy a range of products and services from the Apple Store. It enables the bearer to make a range of purchases from any Apple Store. An Apple gift card can be used at any Apple retail location to buy iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, and other Apple products. Apple Cards can be purchased for amounts between $5 and $200 and are often issued as physical cards or as E-codes. If you don't want to use your Apple Card at an Apple Store, you may easily exchange it for cash or cryptocurrency.

What Is an iTunes Gift Card?

The Apple Store accepts credit purchases made with Apple Cards to pay for a variety of products and services. It offers the owner full authority to buy a range of products from any Apple Store. Any Apple retail location accepts Apple gift cards for the purchase of iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, and other products. The money denominations on Apple Cards typically vary from $5 to up to $200, and they can be issued as physical cards or as E-codes. If you do not want to use your Apple  

Card to purchase something at an Apple Store, you may easily trade it for cash or cryptocurrency.

Apple Music and other Apple services can also be purchased with iTunes Gift Cards. From a denomination of roughly $5 to $200, it is typically issued in two formats: the physical form and the E-codes format. When you no longer feel the need to use your iTunes Card on the iTunes Store, you can sell it for naira, cedis, or Bitcoin.

Apple Card Vs iTunes Card

Although these two gift cards were created and are owned by Apple, they differ from one another in a few ways. While the iTunes Gift Card can only be used online at the iTunes store, the Apple Card can be redeemed both in-store and online. Apple Cards can only be used to buy Apple hardware like iPhones, iPods, and other products at any Apple retail location or online shop, whereas iTunes Gift Cards can only be used to buy all digital content from the iTunes Store, including music, apps, movies, software, and other items. Knowing the distinctions between these cards will help you choose which one to purchase based on your specific needs and any associated restrictions.

It is crucial to understand that iTunes and App Store Gift Cards can only be used to buy products and services from the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, for an Apple Music subscription, or iCloud storage. Only the Apple Online Store and Apple Retail Stores accept Apple Store Gift Cards for redemption. You should report any requests to use the cards for any other type of payment right away to your local authorities because you might be the victim of fraud (police department, trade commission, etc.).

Never give someone you don't know the numbers on the back of the card. Before you can get in touch with Apple or law authorities, the money on the card will probably have already been spent once those numbers have been given to the con artists.

What is the difference between Apple Cards & iTunes Cards?

The primary distinction between both is that Apple Store gift cards can be used both in-store and online, whilst iTunes gift cards can only be used online. Apple hardware products including iPhones, iPods, Mac computers, and Apple Watches can be purchased with Apple Store gift cards at Apple's online or physical retail locations.

Gift cards for the iTunes Store and App Store can only be used to purchase digital content like music, movies, apps, TV shows, and books. Given this distinction, if a loved one has to purchase an iPhone or Apple Watch, you might choose to send them an Apple card as opposed to an iTunes card. Whenever they need to purchase new music, movies, or apps from the Apple store, you will also send them an iTunes gift card.