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How can you find the best Switch games deals on Nintendo eShop  - Think24 Gaming & Gadgets Qatar

How can you find the best Switch games deals on Nintendo eShop 

Nintendo eShop Card
  • This guide will help you get the best deals on Nintendo switch stores
  •  You can get the best Nintendo Nintendo eShop experience by getting help from this guide
  • This is the place that will able you to hunt for the best offers for enjoying your Nintendo Switch games
  • Nintendo shop has many games that you can enjoy by paying the required charges

You've just bought a beautiful new Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, or Switch Lite but don't know where to start. This is the place for you! Nintendo recommends that Switch owners set up the Switch before Christmas to avoid any delays in setup. You can get into any Nintendo Shop to get the best out of the vacation.
This guide will help you to get started. This includes creating a lot of new accounts, setting the settings correctly, and grabbing any accessories that will help you get the most from your Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED Model. 
If you are anything like us, then you have already had two great years with your Nintendo Switch. There is no end to the honeymoon phase. Although you may be wasting too much time trying to win a round in Tetris 99, there are always new games to enjoy. The endless supply of games can be draining on finances, especially when they are more expensive on Switch than on other consoles. There are ways to save some money by purchasing games at their lowest price. You can also shop around to make your money go further. Prices for games on the Nintendo eShop vary from one country to another. Sometimes there is a sale in particular regions. Other times, games are simply cheaper by default. 
If you are interested in penny-pinching, the first thing you should do is bookmark this website. It keeps track of each game's price in every regional Nintendo eShop. Although it's not very attractive, you can customize the table to show prices in your preferred currency and search for specific titles. You can also see where games are most affordable (and most expensive) at a glance. 

Multiple Nintendo accounts can be your friend. 

You will need a Nintendo account to take advantage of lower Nintendo eShop prices in different regions. Although exploring the global market can be slow, it is possible to create a new account in a matter of minutes. The most important field in the web form is "Country/regional residence." This will determine the location of the Nintendo eShop that you'll visit once you add your Switch account. 
The biggest problem with multiple accounts is the need for a unique email address. However, this is not an issue for Gmail addresses, so you may want one to manage your additional Switch accounts. 
Google's email domain management system means that one address can have many. Google does not care about any +suffixes or periods before the @. Gmail and google mail tails can be interchangeable. Let's assume your email address is 
These rules can be rewritten as many times as you like. Just remember to keep track of which email address is associated with which region (country suffixes make it easy to recall). A good tip is to have several Nintendo accounts created in one go. You might also want to create a Japanese account if you are registering in Canada to purchase a particular game. The Nintendo eShop prices there are always lower than elsewhere. 
You can skip this step by simply changing the region in your main account. However, this is not recommended. To change regions, you will need an empty Nintendo eShop wallet (zero money). This might not seem like a problem right now, but it could become a problem if you use gift cards in another area, which you may, leaving you with chump change that you cannot spend. We don't want to be tied into one Nintendo Shop. 
Once you have verified your Nintendo account, log on to your Switch and go to the system settings menu to add a user. This user should be called "Germany" or even "Japan," as it is easier to link a specific country's Nintendo account to the newly created profile. Voila! When you go to the Nintendo eShop again, the profile you choose will determine which country-specific storefronts you visit. 
It is important to note that these accounts are only used for purchasing games. You can download them to your Switch and play them with your main account. This means that your friend's list will remain intact, and online features will work flawlessly if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription linked to your main profile. 

Nintendo cards

The hardest part is paying. 

Now we're ready to grab those deals. Next, you need to find a way to pay. Nintendo explains that credit cards from one region won't work in another region's Nintendo eShop. Reddit threads, forum posts, and another information claim that people have bought from foreign Nintendo eShops with their local debit or credit cards. Some PayPal accounts work, while others do not. One payment method that was once accepted is no longer valid. 
It's okay to verify that a PayPal or card account is valid. Worst case scenario: It's rejected. A fake address can be used to set up a PayPal account that is specific to a Nintendo eShop area. You only need to register additional Nintendo accounts or PayPal accounts once. 
The easiest way to pay is with gift cards. However, this payment method can be somewhat restrictive. You can only purchase them in a few currencies, such as South African and gift certificates. However, only a limited number of Nintendo eShops will allow you to add funds that way. PlayAsia, OffGamers, and PC Game Supply are some of the most trusted websites for international gift cards. 
You can do a quick Google search to find other websites selling gift cards. Some are quite obscure, or at least they look suspiciously strange. Common sense is the best here. A few guidelines are also important: 
1) Make sure that you are buying codes that will be delivered immediately and not physical gift cards. The instructions should be clear, but make sure to double-check. 
2) Don't use outdated language in your listings. Stock descriptions on product pages often say that this can only be used for Wii U and 3DS purchases. Nintendo eShop Money is Nintendo eShop cash and can be redeemed to purchase Switch. 
3) If you are buying gift cards in US dollars and are asked for a zip code to find the best price, Google it. 
If you are paying in US dollars for a Japanese gift card, make sure to check the exchange rate. You may lose out on savings if the retailer adds a substantial markup. 
Paying for gift cards in foreign currencies may be the same problem. Check to make sure that your bank doesn't cancel any savings by charging transaction fees. 
You should also be aware of the potential dangers associated with using alien Nintendo eShops. You may not be able to play certain games, especially those made for the Japanese market. This information will be provided in the Nintendo eShop listing. Also, you'll be spreading your Nintendo Gold Point rewards across multiple accounts, so they don't accumulate in any meaningful manner. 
Is it possible to sit on gift-card credits you won't use in the future? What savings are you going to make over the life of the console? Also, the value equation is not just about price. 
You should also ask yourself if you are ethically comfortable with the idea of gaming the system this way. Some people argue that foreign Nintendo eShops don't pay developers fair compensation for their work. Sometimes, games can be cheaper in certain areas to make them more affordable for local residents. If a developer discovers that everyone is using dummy accounts to purchase games cheaply, they could be partially responsible for driving up prices. 
Shopping around is fine. If you like the Switch's offerings, you may want more. You also want to make smart decisions about your spending. Perhaps you are really excited about a new game that hasn't been released yet in your area. 

When the time is right 

It's not just about finding the lowest price but making the most of your Switch. Timing is also important. There are a variety of discounts available across Nintendo eShops, beyond the Switch Summer Sale. There are many resources that will help you track down the details. 
A good source for information on popular games is the Nintendo Switch Deals Subreddit. Deku Deals is the best Nintendo eShop price-tracking website. It has a comprehensive list of available items in every region and includes local pricing. 

Enjoy it while you can 

It was easy to change your Steam region to get games at lower prices a few years back. It's now impossible to do this without using a VPN. Another popular method of moving money between accounts was through game gifting. However, Valve introduced region locking. 
It is unknown how long these loopholes will remain open on Switch. Although shopping around is legal, Nintendo could make it more complicated than it already is or even standardize prices globally. Happy bargain hunting!