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Computer Keyboard: Redragon Keyboard K552, Razer Huntsman & Gaming Keyboard

Computer Keyboard: Redragon Keyboard K552, Razer Huntsman & Gaming Keyboard

  • Gaming Keyboards are made specifically for PC gamers, providing extra durability and the quickest key response times for split-second action.
  • Redragon Keyboard chooses Outemu switches over recognized switch brands like Gateron or Cherry MX to lower the price of their keyboards.
  • The Redragon K552 is a performance-driven gaming keyboard with 87 keys that offers Pro features in a small, space-saving design.

A computer keyboard is an input device that integrates with the computer's architecture by applying pressure to buttons or keys. It is the most important tool for entering the message. Keys for specific purposes as well as keys for individual letters, numerals, and special characters are typically seen on a keyboard.

The correct keyboard may take your PC experience from ordinary to sublime, much like a musician's finely tuned instrument. Any keyboard can certainly manage your basic word processing and internet needs, but as you begin to do more, you realize you need more. Keyboards are much more than just a bunch of plastic buttons. To make every key press enjoyable, choosing the ideal keyboard entails selecting the ideal size, shortcut configuration, and key switches.

What is the Purpose of a Computer Keyboard?

When you type, you push the keyboard's buttons. Additionally monitored down on the right of the console are the number keys across the keyboard's highest position. At the center of the keyboard are the letter keys. A computer keyboard serves the following five purposes, in order:

  • Input Date
  • Type Numbers
  • Text Chatting
  • Type Special Character
  • Types PC alternate way Keys

What are the Types of Computer Keyboard?

The numerous keyboard advances take into account evolving client interactions, such as how firmly a key should be depressed to transmit a message to a person typing.

QWERTY Keyboards

  • Wired Keyboards

Numeric Keypads

  • Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Remote Keyboards
  • USB Keyboards
  • Bluetooth Keyboards
  • Magic Keyboards

Various Options in Keyboards 

Computer keyboards can typically be divided into two categories: basic keyboards and expanded keyboards. A broad variety of keyboard types with various features can be found within these two classifications. There are also several computer keyboard innovations, such as full press layer keyboards and scissor-switch keyboards (common on notepads and netbooks) (normal for personal computers). The various keyboard advancements take into account varying client interactions, such as how firmly a key should be depressed to transmit a message to a person typing.

QWERTY Keyboards

Planned in similarity to outdated typewriters, QWERTY is the most widely recognized keyboard format. Ages of typists have come to know the QWERTY keyboard, and most understudies figure out how to type with this sort of console format.

Wired Keyboards

Finding a keyboard style that meets your needs is affordable and simple with wired keyboards.

Numeric Keyboards

Not every computer comes with a keyboard that has a number cushion. The basic solution to that is the numeric keypad.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Any keyboard designed to lessen the physical strain of writing is referred to as ergonomic. This style of computer keypad is usually spaced apart so that you can type while resting your hands in a more comfortable, natural position.

Remote Keyboards

Remote RF keyboards provide a small bit of opportunity in your processing exercises because they depend on a radio recurrence radio wire or infrared to maintain you connected.

USB Keyboards

This collection of remote keyboards connects to your computer using a little device called a dongle that you plug into one of the USB ports on your computer. To enable remote writing, the dongle transmits a signal from your computer to the keyboard.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth keypads unquestionably cost more than other remote keyboard versions, but they also provide several highlights and benefits. These keypads use a Bluetooth network to connect to a computer.

Magic Keyboards

The Magic Keyboard, which was unveiled by Apple, has a simple design and a practical battery. These Bluetooth-enabled consoles consequently connect to Mac computers. The "Wizardry" has some significant drawbacks, as with certain other Apple products, even though they are the most expensive conventional consoles on the market.

Illuminated Keyboards

An all-pervasive shine from your console makes it simple to type in low light or darkness and can also exude an incredible "goodness" factor.

Gaming Keyboards

These keyboards are made specifically for PC gamers, providing extra durability and the quickest key response times for split-second action. If you're interested in gaming mice as well, be sure to read our buying guide for gaming mice.

Adaptable Keyboards

These keyboards are designed for maximum mobility but have features that are similar to those of traditional QWERTY consoles. Adaptable consoles are typically composed of silicon, making them portable and easy to transfer.

Mechanical Keyboards

The most well-known keyboard layout is QWERTY, which was designed to resemble outdated typewriters. The QWERTY keyboard has been a standard among typists for decades, and the majority of students learn how to use it.

Razer Huntsman Mini

Office users should consider the Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard. Our unit's Clicky Optical switches offer good tactile feedback and a great typing experience, but their loud typing noise is inappropriate for a quiet business environment. Nevertheless, you may also get a keyboard with linear optical switches. It isn't the most pleasant to type on due to its high profile, lack of a wrist rest, and compact layout, which can be too small for people with large hands.

Redragon Keyboards

Redragon goods provide a respectable value for the money. The brand's low-cost mechanical keyboards are what it is best known for. These keyboards come at reasonable rates and have authentic mechanical switches. This makes it possible for those who desire a mechanical experience without spending a lot of money.

Redragon uses a less expensive clone switch to lower the cost of their keyboards. In place of trusted switch brands like Gateron or Cherry MX, the company chooses Outemu switches. These keyboards are available to anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard at a low cost.

For the money, Redragon products provide a respectable value. For its affordable mechanical keyboards, the company is best known. These keyboards are inexpensive and have real mechanical switches. People who wish to experience mechanical things without spending a lot of money can now do so.

Using a less expensive clone switch allows Redragon to lower the price of its keyboards. Instead of using trusted switch brands like Cherry MX or Gateron, the startup chooses Outemu switches. For those looking for a mechanical keyboard at a reasonable price, there are these keyboards.

Redragon has had a sharp increase in popularity in recent years, and big box retailers like Microcenter now carry the brand. Due to the brand's high standards, affordable prices, and widespread availability, it has gained appeal. Redragon is a wonderful place to start if you're looking for a low-cost gaming keyboard, headset, or mouse.

Redragon K552 

A nice gaming keyboard is the Redragon K552. The pleasurable and snappy clicky Outemu Blue switches have a condensed pre-travel distance. Unfortunately, the latency is just fair, and players won't be able to establish macros or remap keys without software assistance. A good mechanical gaming keyboard with clicky tactile switches and a TenKeyLess design that is straightforward and practical is the Redragon K552 KUMARA RGB. With its excellent RGB illumination and great build quality, it can compete with keyboards costing twice as much.

The Redragon K552's advantages include: 

  • Excellent build quality

  • Compatibility with Windows and macOS

  • Conflict-free n-Key Rollover

  • A splash-proof design with adjustable typing angle

  • Seven RGB lighting, color, and breathing effects.

The amazing gaming and typing experience also permeated the internal software area. When you are in the middle of life-or-death situations in your favorite games, ghosting and double presses are the last things you need. The Redragon keyboard uses a clever n-Key Rollover to prevent these problems. A 3.0-meter-long USB wire with gold-plated plugs is included with the K552 to prevent corrosion. As a result, you may comfortably use lag-free input for both work and play.

Redragon K552 Keyboard Specifications

  • This RED Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has the following features:
  • Space-saving design with 87 full-size keys
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • Gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector
  • Double-shot injection molded keycaps
  • Plate mounted keys
  • High-end switches with mechanical ultra-last springs
  • Bright, adjustable RED LED backlighting
  • Conflict-free and anti-ghosting keys

Redragon K552 Mechanical Keyboard

It's not your typical mechanical gaming keyboard, the Redragon K552. It offers a seamless, unadulterated gaming experience with excellent ergonomics and a compact appearance. No matter how long you type or how severe your gaming marathons are, this keyboard never makes you uncomfortable.

Easily Affordable

If you need blue switches but have a tight budget, the Redragon K552 is a wonderful choice because it is surprisingly nicely made. Pressing the FN key and the Right Arrow key simultaneously is the best technique to alter the color of this keyboard. You can cycle between the colors by pressing this combination, which will change the current color to the next one in the list until you find.

Anti-Slip & High-Quality Design

This keyboard has a high-quality, non-slip, long-lasting design and is constructed of natural processed foam rubber, which allows it to adapt to desks with diverse surface materials. It is made of materials with a high density.

TenKeyLess Design & Tactile Switches

A fantastic mechanical gaming keyboard with haptic switches and a straightforward TenKeyLess design is the Redragon K552 RGB. With individually backlit keys and stunning RGB illumination, this keyboard rivals others costing two times as much. The Redragon K552 is a good keyboard for use in an office setting and is comfortable to type on. Although it is not exhausting, noise might be a problem if you work in a quiet office. While the keyboard works well with the majority of desktop operating systems, some keys might not function on macOS.