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Apple iTunes Website | Official Site & App

  • The latest version by Apple iTunes site makes it simple to access more than 70 million ad-free songs and much more.
  • The official website for iTunes functions as a sizable store where you may buy your favorite songs to keep forever.


Users can buy and manage albums and songs on the free and user-friendly Apple iTunes website. 90-second song previews, curated radio stations, automated playlist management, CD-burning capabilities, and simple access to Apple Music are just a few of the features available with the iTunes application. The app's user interface is neat and simple.

Apple iTunes Latest Version

The most recent version by Apple iTunes site makes it simple to access more than 70 million ad-free songs, 100,000 TV episodes, and more than 5,000 audiobooks. You have two options: buy them singly or download them all as high-quality AAC files by subscribing to the Music Store. Your library is yours permanently once it has been purchased! It allows for unlimited file burning on DVDs, content transfer to other devices, and access from up to three different computers.

Simple, User-Friendly UI

Apple iTunes official site gives you access to a dashboard that resembles a well-lit music store when you download iTunes.

Apple iTunes Official App

The main navigation includes five tabs: "Library," "For You," "Browse," "Radio," and "Store." These tabs can be used to access the app's various sections. Any purchases you make are immediately added to your Library, where you can sort them by genre, artist, or album.
You have quick access to the help section, account settings, and music controls via the open menu bar that precedes this section. In addition, the header features buttons for "pause," "back," and "next" in addition to the music that is now playing. You can find the search bar in the top right corner of the screen and use it to look up your favorite songs, performers, and audiobooks.

Preview Songs before a Purchase

There are so many musicians today, both independent and from well-known companies. That calls for a flood of new songs, medleys, remixes, and more! Because of this, iTunes created a preview system that allows you to hear a song for 90 seconds before deciding whether or not to buy it. You can also sample different tracks from an album before purchasing it.

Explore Radio Stations

The Radio option on the iTunes download for Windows is cost-free, even though you must purchase songs from the Music Store. Users of the app receive a list of the top radio stations that may be filtered based on their preferred genre. Additionally, after you begin tuning in to a specific station, Apple Music personalizes your experience by compiling a list of related stations for you to enjoy.

Manage and Import Playlists

You may import and organize your music library with the all-in-one music player provided by iTunes for PC. The software lets you browse desktop media files, add them to your library and make a variety of playlists. To choose and save files to manually curated playlists, you may even set up an automatic selection. The program's absence of compatibility with the WMA file format is its only shortcoming.

Share with Others

A song or album can be shared with up to 6 people after purchase. All of these individuals have simple access to download your purchases as often as they like. Providing you and your partner are nearby, the app also allows you to view and browse each other's libraries.